A better way

to manage photography submissions.

Make your submission and reviewing process a simple, intuitive and fun experience – for your entrants and judges.

Collaborate as a team

Use smart inbuilt tools to evaluate entries. Rate, vote and comment as a team. Manage and assign access as needed.

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Track your entries

Know your entrants via their online profile. Stay updated on incoming submissions and get the info you need to track progress.

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Picter is a wonderful platform for photography submissions. With an intelligently designed system that is equally attractive as it is easy to navigate, we’re relieved (and joyed!) to host all of our calls for entry with Picter.


Lesley A. Martin

Creative Director, Aperture Foundation, New York

Security & Reliability

We value your content as much as you do. All your data is stored securely and safely in the cloud, meeting highest industry standards.

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Accept and manage payments

Accept submission fees easily with Picter's provided payment methods. View your earnings and download reports to monitor your growth.

Support when you need it

We handle every request personally and can guide you in setting up your call for entries to attract the best entries.

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Own branded sites

Choose your own style and keep your branding. Simply embed our »Submit« button into your website and direct photographers to your own branded site on Picter.

Simplify the process

Make your submission and reviewing experience simple. Manage online and print submissions easily and quickly all in one place.

Grow your audience

Promote your call for entries to our global network of photographers. Reach new talent in our fast-growing audience.

Organized workflow

Sort, group and identify standout submissions through advanced search criteria. Assess all entrant information from one place.

Great user experience

Delight your entrants with an easy-to-understand submission process. Keep them engaged and excite them with our oustanding design.

Versatile features

Create anything from a small magazine submission to a major competition. Provide it for free or include online payment checkout.

Grow your submissions

Increase the quality of entries and ensure higher completion rates. A simple process means more entries and happier entrants.