Deliver work to team members or clients, whether they’re in a different department or a different time zone.

“Picter has made a rare tool, useful to both artists and agents, publishers, editors, and curators.”

Azu Nwagbogu
Founder & Director

Lagos Photo and African Artists' Foundation

Link it

Create password-free private links to view images.

Think it

Organize your ideas at the speed of screenshots with PNG support.

Ink it

Deliver final print ready files with TIF support and EXIF data.


Keep all your project assets in one place and consolidate inbound content from freelancers.

“Having a platform to combine curatorial ideas from international creatives has been an incredible experience."

Shannon Finnell
Parsons School of Fashion
New York


Create empty projects for collaborators to fill with content.


Invite multiple colleagues to add assets in a group brainstorm.


One workspace for all incoming visual creative ends the dance between different file transfer platforms.


Simplify the approvals process and say goodbye to endless email threads and feedback based on file names.

“My clients appreciate not having to type out file names to make selections. I just send them the link.”

Madeline Tolle

Editorial & Commercial Photographer
Los Angeles, California


Create empty projects for collaborators to fill with content.


Receive quick and unambiguous approvals.


See approved and rejected images at a glance with automated collections.


Have hosted conversations about visual decisions instead of getting lost in text messages or company chat.

"The commenting is like nothing else we've seen for working on images. We love the sync, it feels like a chat."

Egle Mykolaityte
Red Hook Labs
New York

Live Feedback

Transform the visual conversation into a chat-like experience with real time sync.


Scan all comments on a project to get a general perspective on how much work there is to do.


Deep dive into feedback on a specific image with in-line image thumbnails.


Make your work look great and stand out from the competition without building web pages or exporting PDFs.

"We can share our talents’ work with brand partners without having to create webpages. It's fast, easy, and professional."

Jimmy Moffat
Red Hook Labs
New York


Celebrate your imagery with elegant galleries, no design skills required.


Share in presentation mode and disable downloads to discourage unwanted usage.


Just drag and drop your images into a project and share a link.

“Picter is definitely the best software for image collaboration on the market.”

Alessia Glaviano
Brand Visual Director

Vogue Italia

Milan, Italy

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