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Meet Picter Workspace.

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The professional photo selection tool.

Say goodbye to using half a dozen tools to communicate on a single client job. We move you past that awkward behind the scenes dance you do between Finder, Lightroom, Email, Dropbox, and WeTransfer into an image-driven conversation space built just for photography.

Enable a dialogue around the photo editing process using powerful selection tools.

Visual feedback 
on photo edits.

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Work with clients or coworkers.

Invite others to review your work or grant them permission to collaborate.

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Lead with your best. Not IMG_0001.jpg.

Sequence your work to tell a visual story.

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Share photos. 
Not files, folders or ZIPs.

Deliver your work visually from the start.

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Go ahead.
Make it fullscreen.

Focus on visual decisions with an interface that puts photography front and center.

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Picter Workspace is the photo selection tool for professional image makers.

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© Photos by Katarina Premfors for M&C Saatchi and Abu Dhabi Tourism