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Bring all your visual content together in one sleek workspace for the whole team.

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A single tool for all your needs

No more battling with the wrong tools to manage and review your visual assets. Share visual content with team members and clients for streamlined review, feedback, approval and delivery.

Picter is a creative review tool for:

Marketing & creative teams

Looking to simplify the approval of visual assets among team members, collaborators and clients.

Digital agencies

Looking to streamline their creative review workflow, simply and efficiently.

Designers, photographers and content producers

Looking for a sleek way to present their work and receive client feedback.

Visual educators & students

Looking for an easy solution to perform online portfolio reviews and give feedback on work in progress.

Having a unified review process across all our clients is very satisfying and saves us a lot of time in presenting visuals and compiling feedback.

Taylor Partin, Growth Marketing Manager

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Support from start to finish

Organize your visual content your way

Unlike Dropbox or Google Drive, Picter is designed to simplify working with visual files.

Our versatile interface makes it easy to organize content according to your and your team’s needs.

Create collection subfolders within projects to streamline your workflow.

And always find what you’re looking for with our super-fast search function.

Made for teams, loved by partners and clients

Picter is designed with everyone in mind.

Make your team’s life easier with a centralized hub for content-driven collaboration.

Allow guest members to contribute to your workspace with ease.

Share individual projects with clients, with no login required.

Set individual permissions within the workspace, and use tailored shareable links to present content, invite others to review, or deliver assets.

Feedback, where it’s needed

Gone are the days of scattered content review across emails, spreadsheets and texts.

With Picter, all feedback exists alongside the content, so nothing gets lost.

Built-in tools, like markup and frame accurate video annotations, enable all stakeholders to give clear, precise feedback in a flash.

Instant approval!

Establish a unified review process for your team and clients with Picter’s approval button.

Multiple stakeholders collaboratively define what’s final – no emails or meetings required.

Plus, everyone is kept in the loop with notifications about new views, comments and approvals to keep things moving.

Picter is the most streamlined way to get what we need from the many types of creatives we work with; to have them all go to one place to upload and present content in a way where it's visually just right there.

Nate Nichols, Founder & Creative Director, Palette Group, New York & Los Angeles & Paris & Munich

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Your content is secure and stays private

GDPR certified

With Picter you meet all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our processes are regularly checked by external auditors.

Secure servers

All personal data is securely stored on European servers in Ireland. The servers are run by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most broadly adopted cloud platform.

What is yours is yours

We don’t look into your content. Period.

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Personal security consulting

We support you personally in security audits and all other security aspects.

Bring your team and content together for visual collaboration

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