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See the big picture.

Working with photography is a visual process that requires space. Space for evaluating images on their own and in the context of other images. In the analog world, this space is often a clean desk or a large working table.

Digital images change the stakes. Arranging images into collections to find the best selection is not as easy in virtual space. The available tools for sorting images don't "see" photography as visual information. These tools consider photos to be just another type of data. When photography is not given special visual treatment we lose our perspective. Our creative process collapses. We dig through emails, squint at thumbnails, and puzzle over redundant files names. We know there is a better way.

Picter: The best tool for your best work.

We're building a beautiful and secure platform for photography professionals. Clutter-free design, permissions-based security, and modern web application architecture are our top priorities. Preparing a submission to a photo competition? Making a selection of images for a publication? Reviewing key visuals for a campaign? We've got you covered.

We know photography.

We have worked for over a decade in the photography field. It's our passion for photography that unites and drives our team. We are also running the organization for contemporary photography Der Greif. In many ways, Picter was born out of the necessities of publishing Der Greif. We received tens of thousands of photo submissions every year. We needed a more efficient way to handle the sheer volume of imagery. We were dissatisfied with the available tools on the market. We developed Picter as the missing piece of our creative process. Find out more about our story on our blog.

In time we can imagine Picter will become an irreplaceable part of your creative process as well. It may just give you a new perspective on how you work with photography.


Claudio, Leon, Matthias, Richard & Simon
Founders of Picter, on behalf of the entire team


Claudio Ricci

Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel Shalom

Head of Marketing / Creative Director

Germán Urrustarazu

Back End Developer

Katrina Loughrey

Copy Editor

Leon Kirchlechner

Chief Design Officer

Lucas Correia

Full Stack Developer

Lucas Rinaldi

Front End Developer

Lucas Ferreira Souza

Full Stack Developer

Matthias Lohscheidt

Chief Technical Officer

Renan Cammarosano

Product Designer

Richard Stromer

Chief Product Officer

Sebastian Knittel

Customer Support

Simon Karlstetter

Chief Strategy Officer

Sophie Lohscheidt

Customer Success