Fostering Innovation at the Intersection of Creativity and Technology

Picter, born from the contemporary photography publication DER GREIF, has transformed into a pivotal platform connecting creatives with both commercial and cultural titans — from global corporates like Google and Skoda to iconic cultural brands such as Vogue, Leica, MoMA, Magnum Photos, and Aperture.

Celebrated for setting the industry standard with Picter Contests and honored with a Webby Award, we're recognized for bridging the gap between art and commerce.

Our mission extends beyond accolades, focusing on democratizing access to opportunities for a global community of creatives, offering them a stage to showcase their work to some of the world's most influential brands.

As we continue to evolve, Picter stands at the crossroads of technology and creativity, dedicated to fostering a future where opportunities are boundless, and innovation thrives.

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