Alessandra D’Innella
5 GB



⏤ 5 GB storage

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Viacheslav Poliakov
100 GB



⏤ 100 GB storage

⏤ Access to all photographer features

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When will these price plans go into effect?

Our new pricing will be effective starting September 18, 2018 onwards. You will soon be able to purchase the Professional Plan.

Who are these Pricing Plans for?

We structure our pricing with individual photographers and their storage needs in mind.
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How will I know if I’m running out of storage space?

You’ll find an overview of your current storage usage when you’re logged in to your Picter account. Too busy to keep tabs on your storage yourself? Don’t worry. We will notify you by email if you’re getting close to your storage limit.

What happens when I run out of space?

If you reach your storage limit, you will simply not be able to upload new files. You can choose to delete old projects to free up space, or you can upgrade for more storage.

Do you offer plans with more than 100 GB of storage?

Yes. If you need more than 100 GB of storage space, please contact our sales team. We will create a custom solution for you.

Can I switch plans or cancel?

Yes. You can switch your plan at Picter any time. If you upgrade your account, your additional storage space becomes available immediately. Paid plans renew every 30 days. If you cancel a paid plan, your storage space will revert to the free 5 GB limit at the end of the current 30 day period. This period is non-refundable.

Is there a discount for annual subscriptions?

Not yet. We are considering a discounted annual subscription plan. If we decide to move forward with an annual subscription we will communicate the new pricing to everyone.

What happens if I’ve used more than 5 GB of storage before September 18, 2018?

The average Picter user is currently using less than 100 MB of storage space. If you exceed 5 GB of storage before our new pricing goes into effect, we will contact you before September 18, 2018. We want to make sure that you can continue to use Picter. We will work with you to ensure that a transition from a free to a paid plan is as smooth as possible for you.

Have another question? Please write us an email to We are happy to help.