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The all-in-one workspace for your content and your team

€ 10


Additional storage: €25 / TB / month

Standard plan includes:

100GB / member

Support for all file types

Team & client review

Commenting & Approval

Assignees and tasks


The all-in-one workspace for your content and your team

€ 20


Additional storage: €25 / TB / month

Everything in Standard and:

Workspace roles

Invite guests

Priority support

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Members can create, edit and share projects.

€ 10 / member / month

€ 20 / member / month


Your team's shared workspace storage grows by 100GB for each member joining the team.

100GB / member

100GB / member

Additional storage

Add additonal storage to your workpace as you need it. Each extra Terrabite costs €25 per month.

€25 / TB / month

€25 / TB / month

Workspace roles

On the Pro plan you can assign team members different roles with specific permissions. Owners can change Workspace settings. Managers can invite new members and viewers. Members can create, edit and share projects. Viewers can only view projects.

Owners only

Owners, managers, members, viewers


Support for all file types

Picter supports visual and non-visual file types. Learn more

Custom collections

Custom collections allow your team to stay organized inside a project and to create different sets of the same assets.

Edit while uploading

Edit order and description before upload has even finished. Start multiple uploads simultaneoulsy.

Clients and externals

Share for review

Share a Review Link to a project to let collaborators mark images approved (or rejected).

Share for presentation

Share a Presentation Links of a project to present it as an simple elegant image gallery.

Share inbox link

Share an Inbox Link of a project to let external collaborators upload assets.

Invite guests to projects

Guests are individuals external to your team who you invite to view or edit a single project in your Workspace.


5 guests / member

Review and approval

Comments & mentions

Comment on project or file level to give and receive granular feedback. Tag team members to automatically notify them.

On-image markup

Draw directly on files for detailed pixel-perfect commenting.

Video annotations

Add frame accurate video annotations.

Approval flags

Flag images and assets as approved (or rejected) and instantly see the resulting sets. This allows all collaborators of a project to make quick selections.


Task management

Create a task by assigning a comment to anyone in your workspace. Keep track with the task list and resolve tasks when done.


Stay on top of new comments and latest changes with email- and in-app notifications.

Slack integration

Receive comment notifications in Slack. Assign and resolve comments directly from Slack.

Observation mode

See who's currently online. By clicking their avatar, you enter Observation Mode which, like screen-sharing, shows you what's happening on their screen, in Picter.


Priority support

We're always around to help - no matter which plan you're on. On the Pro plan we will walk the extra mile for.


GDPR compliance

Picter is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union.

Highest security standards

All traffic is SSL encrypted. All infrastructure running on the industry leading service AWS.

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